Web Tools

I have modified a few though to suit my needs. The ResourceIndex is THE place to look for CGI and PHP scripts to do just those neat things (forums, guestbooks, database functions, random link, banner management, etc, etc, etc.) Now these have varying licenses, some are free, some are offered for a fee. Some allow modifications, some don’t. As always read the terms of the license (as well as your hosting providers terms.) I know some providers (mine included) don’t allow chat scripts by default due to the high system overhead they can take up. Many request that you ask first. But odds are you’ll find just what you were looking for to do that extra little feature you’re looking to add to your site.

Want to know your ip address?

Need to know the defaultlogin and password for network equipment? That link was to the most complete default password listing I think I’ve seen.

Proxies can be useful tools (although I can think of a lot of ways they could be used for mischief..) Anyway, I noticed one in my logs one day…

anonymouse.ru. It’s a cgi proxy that among other things can filter javascript, ads and cookies. There are others out there a google search for [browsing the web with an anonymous proxy] turned up quite a few sites.

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