Favorite Resources

Here I’ll list some of my favorite online resources. Some are free, some are pay resources, but they are all excellent.

JungleDisk – online backups using Amazon’s S3 service – 15 cents per GB stored and between 10 and 17 cents per GB of data transfered. Cross platform.

Slicehost – For $20 a month get a “slice” of a server. Using Xen virtualization you can install any of several linux distributions on your slice and use it for pretty much anything – webhosting/openvpn end point/backup storage/testing/development/database storage. The opportunities are great with a Slicehost account. They offer a good wiki and for that $20 a month you get 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth. They offer larger slices. I’ve found the performance to be REALLY good. It’s probably the next best thing to a dedicated server. Once your slice is setup you can either access it via ssh or manage via the web interface. Although the preferred to get started is to manage via ssh. Not necessarily for linux beginners, but at that price and with the wiki to help you get started you’ll be a wiz in no time!

If you’re just looking for cheap webhosting – how about Web Hosting for less than $7 per month! Click Here. Westhost is my provider and has been for a number of years. They’re a great group to work with.

I haven’t used this firsthand yet, but this site will host a calendar that you can embed in a website. Looks interesting.

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