Computer Service

I perform computer service locally to the Asheville, NC area. My current rates are $50 per hour. Among the services I render are: web site design and hosting (further information in another area of this site.), software installation, upgrades and troubleshooting, hardware installation, upgrades and troubleshooting. I also have done training (no full classes, just one on one.)

Virus and spyware removal is another area that I frequently deal with.

My hardware experience is primarily with x86 systems (386, 486, Pentium, Pentium II, III, IV, Celeron, AMD 5×86, Athlon Thunderbird, Athlon XP, Duron)

My software experience is a mix of Dos/Windows and now Linux

I also have done network installation, setup and troubleshooting, along the lines of building a firewall/proxy machine/configuring, mail/fileserver setup administration, then making sure all client machines can access the internet as well as their network share and mail.

Just for those that aren’t clear on software vs. hardware…
(Software = the operating system (say Windows 95, or Windows 98, or applications (perhaps Office 97 or Office 2000, Internet Explorer, etc.))
(Hardware = motherboards/cpus, memory, hard drives, optical drives (cdrom/cdrw/dvd), network cards, modems, etc.))

I’m familiar with various server applications specific to linux including. FTP server, Mail server (with antivirus and spam filtering), Web server, Database server and Microsoft compatible file and print sharing. (SAMBA server).

Much of what I get to do (and enjoy) is troubleshooting, or figuring out the cause of peculiar problems. I also thoroughly enjoy working with Linux installs.

As I said, I do this work in the Asheville, NC area and my number is 828-658-3921.

For more specific details on the kinds of services I can perform and for a contact form, visit my Asheville Computer Service page.

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