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I have a number of web projects going and used to link to them in the “blogroll” area which had them showing up on each page throughout the site. Unfortunately, search engine bots are not smart enough to see this as “relevant” and think that I’ve sold links, penalizing the site because it sees links on every page that aren’t “relevant” to the site. I thought we were supposed to be designing sites for users and not search engines… but anyway I’m now listing my other sites on this page.

North Carolina Genealogy, also you might be interested in the forums which are a good place to post North Carolina Genealogy Queries

South Carolina Genealogy, and there are of course forums there to post South Carolina Genealogy Queries too, as well as a South Carolina Genealogy and History Directory and South Carolina Genealogy Newsletter.

There’s also my Online Radio and TV site where I discuss all sorts of topics related to radio/tv broadcasting online/offline/amateur radio/shortwave/etc.

Also, I teach Piano Lessons in Asheville, NC and have a few Hymn Chime and piano accompaniment cds and individual songs for download (That’s where I sell my chimes cd). My Lulu Storefront has the direct hymn chime cd and download links.

I also have a Fuel and Energy site. Where I discuss gasoline, petroleum and alternatives as well as sources of energy like solar and wind (just getting up and running there.)

Since I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease I put up a site related to it and have been slow getting things going, but now have quite a bit of information lined up to post on a regular schedule. (starting October 2008.)

Also, I have been fascinated by languages most of my life. In fact, as a hobby I study languages. I’ve studied spanish the most, German when I was at University, French as well. (And I’ve dabbled with Mandarin and Italian a VERY little.)

That covers my main sites as of the moment, but there are a few other projects that I’m in progress on. Sorry, to the search engines for not just being interested in ONE topic – I’ll try to work on that…

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