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I’ve been thinking for a while it would be nice to start a list of some of my favorite software. It’s a list of quick links for my and your convenience. Currently I’m just starting the list and will continue it as I have time. You’ll probably notice that many of these are open-source applications. I GREATLY support the idea of open source software. Even if I may never look at the source code the fact that I have the access to it is wonderful. Who knows, someday I may hire a programmer to improve a piece of open source software (try that with closed source development it’ll cost you a LOT more…..)

Internet Utilities:

Firefox (Free/Open Source Web Browser)

Putty (SSH and telnet utility)

WinSCP (graphical ssh/scp/sftp and ftp software – good for file transfers.)

Filezilla – FTP Client software (Server also available for Windows.)

TightVNC (UltraVNC) Both are remote desktop utilities. You can use these to access a desktop computer from another machine on the network or across the internet.


Audacity – Audio Recording/editing software – really flexible utility.

Ardour – Digital Audio Workstation

IrfanView (image viewer and swiss army knife)

The Gimp (image editor).

vlc – VideoLanClient – small/flexible video player. (This one is a good fix if you don’t have a software DVD player like WinDVD or the like.)

Productivity Applications:


Educational Software:

Mnemosyne (SRS – Spaced Repetition System to help in memorizing information (flash card style.))

Anki (Another spaced repetition memory system for flashcards.)

This last section is for software that I want to take a look at when I have time:

PHPCoin – web reseller hosting/billing/management software.

PHPMotion – youtube-like cms software for managing a video site.

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