Windows Registry Patches

Registry Patches can be a scary proposition. Usually they’re downloaded from “some guys site online” and you don’t know quite what is in them and what they do. I personally lay the blame for this squarely with Microsoft for having such a beast that controls every aspect of windows. I’m usually reluctant to recommend registry patches for just that reason, that it’s good to be cautious about installing them. There will be some listed here though. You are encouraged to browse through them in a text editor to see what they do before installing.

Fixing Safe Mode – Windows XP Error Stop 0x0000007B Error

With this error Safe mode is inaccessible – usually disabled by malware of some sort to prevent the cleanup. The following links are from Didier Stevens blog – the zip file contains several registry patches to restore the default entries for the safeboot registry key which controls safe mode booting. There are registry patches for xp sp2, sp3, windows 2000 sp4 and windows 2003 server. Read carefully to choose the correct patch.

There is an https and an http download link for safeboot

This is a worthwhile zip file to add to your virus removal toolkit – more and more malware are disabling safe mode in a defensive measure to prevent system cleanup.

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