Remote Service (Virtual Housecall)

Many computer issues do NOT require an on-site visit to resolve. In fact in recent years, I’ve increasingly used remote connection software to solve some of these issues with existing clients. Now, I’m opening this service option up to the internet at large. Now, for best results, I suggest that you have a DSL, Cable or other High-speed connection to the internet. This has not been tested with dialup (yet.) You need to have a pretty good internet speed to be able to use this.

This service option has been tested with Windows and a wide variety of Linux PC’s. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a support option for Mac users. So, if you need computer help and the computer is able to connect to the internet, this may be useful to you.

How does this work?

Well, first, for new clients I require a $25 retainer which is good towards a 30 minute remote support session. Before you transfer any money though, I require that you fill out this form to give details on the problem and we can schedule a time for the remote service. After we’ve scheduled a time and the $25 retainer has been received, then we’ll proceed with the remote support (which will require you to make a visit to a page on this site to run the support software) and at the end of the 30 minute session I’ll try to give a good assessment of the problem. (Is it solved?, Does it require more time? (How much?), Is it feasible to address this further with remote support?)

At that point the decision is entirely yours if the problem isn’t resolved.

Yes, but how does it work? (I mean the remote bit…)

Using x11vnc (for linux) and UltraVNC SC, I’ve designed a way that you can visit a page on this website and download the remote desktop server. It is designed to ONLY make one connection, to that of my primary support desk workstation. The program that is downloaded closes after the connection is closed and “goes away” (Realistically, the windows version likely remains in temporary internet files until that area is cleared, but it DOES NOT run again, unless you choose to run it.) The linux version deletes itself once it’s finished.

In other words, this does NOT leave a backdoor of any kind on your machine, it makes this ONE connection and then when it’s closed it closes out. Further, it will attempt the connection for a period of time and if the service is not “listening” on my workstation, then the program will give up and quit. If you have any other questions about UltraVNC SC, you might read here.

The nice thing is, there’s no travel, nobody coming into your home to work on the pc and you can watch the entire process as I work. (In many cases, I’ve had the owner on the phone as I’ve worked on their PC.)

If you’re ready to request some remote support time, please proceed to this form to start the process.

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