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Let’s say you want to receive an email 3 days before your wifes birthday reminding you to be shopping (or let’s say three weeks….) On a linux or unix based system it can be fairly easy to send yourself an email at some time in the future, but…. there are also ways to do that online. does just that. You can also schedule recurrence (for messages that need to go out multiple times.) All in all it’s a pretty useful service.

I’ve come to appreciate wordpress’ ability to schedule posts in the future so that I can spend a day (or days) lining up lots of good content and then forget about a site for a month or two at a time. But, what about facebook and twitter status updates? Are there any ways to schedule those?

Yes there are… does just that for twitter updates. does that for twitter, facebook, blogspot blogs, as well as emails. One limitation that I’ve found is that it doesn’t seem possible to schedule an update to a facebook page (just your wall).

With the utilities above though, if you get an announcement you need get out in the future you can go ahead and “set it and forget it” to be done today!

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