Linux Twitter Clients

As I run across linux compatible twitter clients I’ll be posting them here. If you don’t know is a site where you can post short messages (140 characters) from a cell phone, through their web interface, or a standalone client. These messages are searchable, viewable by those that follow you and you can see updates of the users at twitter that you follow.

This is not an exhaustive list, more will be added as I have time.

Twhirl – Adobe Air based client for twitter – neat features including multiple login profiles support. Since Adobe Air is available for linux – twhirl is as well. Currently this is my favorite twitter client.

TTytter – interactive console based command line twitter client. (In fact, this is the reason I started this page, I wanted to keep track of the command line linux twitter clients….) It looks like the Official US House of Representatives account uses this client. (Scriptable..)

Wget/Curl…. – yes the swiss army tools of the linux command line can also post your latest tweet…

wget –keep-session-cookies –http-user=youremail –http-password=yourpassw \
–post-data=”status=tweet using wget” \
Wordpress mangles doubledashes into some sort of long hyphen so the above may not be copy/pasteable…

curl -u youremail:yourpassw -d status=”tweet with curl”

(credit for the above two – ibm.)

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