Google Calendar Sync Software

Another quick page to keep track of a class of software I’ve needed lately.

There are a few programs to synchronize calendar software (like Outlook) with Google Calendar. Of course, the first and foremost is their official Google Calendar Sync: download link can be found here. This synchronizer can only handle synchronizing your primary calendar, so if you have multiple calendars setup this will only get the main one. There also may be a bug with Outlook when autoarchiving retires old calendar appointments (I’ve had reports of a message along the lines that google calendar sync has detected that you have deleted xxxx items from your calendar, if you proceed those xxxx items will be deleted from your google calendar.)

OggSync – looks to be a good alternative to google calendar sync and can handle multiple google calendars. Versions for the desktop to sync with Outlook and for windows mobile.

More to be added when/if needed….

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