Google Reference Guide

I don’t know how many “cheat sheets” and manuals for google I’ve seen out there with everything from the simple search operators to more advanced tools, guides to the google services/etc. Anyway, I wanted to finally start accumulating links to them here so I don’t have oodles of extra posts on the latest greatest google cheat sheet.

Google Cheat Sheets v. 1.05 – this gives a guide to the addresses for many google services plus some background info on each, as well as some more advanced search operator usage.

The Official Google Cheat Sheet – yep, from google themselves the guide to using their search engine.

Google Advanced Operators Sheet – from the GoogleGuide – this covers the more advanced usage features of google search.

Google Calculator Sheet – Form the Google Guide – this gives you all the calculator functions that you can use through the main search interface.

Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts – Help document from Google on all the keyboard shortcuts available within Google Docs. (Spreadsheets too)

More to come….

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