Temps, valeur, ROI, Google et ce site…. Googlebummed

Il s'agit d'une assez importante “état de ce site” Type de poste et bien… si vous êtes un visiteur d'habitude, vous pouvez lire / parcourir celui-ci. Cela fait environ 15 mois environ depuis le dernier remaniement grande de ce site et que certains rôdeurs de longue date savez peut-être, the updates were FEW and far between before moving to WordPress and this new layout. Je veux dire, a year or so between updates was not uncommon. In the last year+ I’ve had a few spans where a month or so has gone by without posting, but in many cases I’ve been posting multiple (in other cases MANY MANY) posts in a single day.

When I started including adsense in the site, frankly I was thinking that it might be able to cover my hosting fees and initially it looked on target to do that and I put more time into typing here and saw revenues from advertising go up and frankly December and January of last year were phenomenal. At those levels, a single months income from advertising revenue would pay for all of my sites for a year. But the disappointments had started to happen the beginning of December with the delisting of the northcarolinagenealogy site and going from ~100 visits a day to about 10-20 un jour. I’m not certain still on the cause, but I had done anauto-refreshredirect to get people from the old averyjparker.com/ncgen directory to the new northcarolinagenealogy.net domainthat apparently is a no-no and I changed it, I set up 301 redirects that sort of worked. I think at one point in my haste I had a typo that sent a redirect to a spammy domain and that was fixed as soon as I found it, but the northcarolinagenealogy.net site has not been indexed by google for 11 mois maintenant.

The site has grown some and is now getting 20-30 visiteurs par jour, but still nowhere near what it was last November. “Mais attendez, you were talking about THIS site weren’t you?” oui… let me get back to this site. I was seeing great traffic in January, every post was indexed by google in full within a week and frankly being able to Recherche from a clients site for an issue I knew I dealt with a month ago but didn’t remember the details and pull up my page from a quick “google” was VERY nice. Mais, things changed dramatically in February. I guess it was the “Big daddy” mettre à jour. That’s what I’ve blamed it on, but I don’t think there is a SINGLE article that I’ve written SINCE February that has been fully indexed and what’s more there are some pre-February 2006 articles that disappeared. Back in January, I could go to goole and do a site:averyjparker.com inurl:2005/12 Recherche and see all articles posted in December of 05well you might say, you still can.

Yes, mais aujourd'hui que la recherche se tourne vers le haut 20 articles, il y avait probablement un total de 250-300 Articles originaux publiés sur ce site en Décembre. Si, Google indexe désormais seulement, ~ 10% de mon site. Qui est sur le point où le trafic est comparée à pré-Big Daddy trop. Et sans doute sur l'endroit où les revenus adsense est. Le long et court, c'est qu'en ce moment,, J'ai la chance de faire 20-30 un mois de revenus adsense au niveau de trafic actuel et je ne l'affichage apprécier ici, mais franchement je n'aOuiersé dans beaucoup trop de temps pour ce que je suis en train de revenir. Yes, d'être brutalement honnête importe l'argent. NO, ce n'est pas que je suis gourmand, mais permettez-moi de m'exprimer ainsi. Seriez-vous prêt à passer des heures par semaine sur un site Web pour $30 a month? ou seriez-vous prêt à passer des heures par semaine sur un site Weun mois$400 a month? Duh!!!

Le temps est la seule chose que nous avons tous en pénurie…. c'est la devise de nos vies. Le retour sur investissement (ROI) que je reçois pour le moment dans ce site ne peuvent tout simplement pas me justifier la poursuite du rythme de publication que j'ai eu.

J'ai passé plusieurs fois à essayer de comprendre pourquoi l'indexation a changé pour ce site (et disappeard pour le site northcarolinagenealogy.net) et j'ai fait ce que je peux pour fixer quelles questions ont suggéré ou des choses que j'ai remarqué que je soupçonnais peut être le problème. J'ai commencé à l' www.computerrepairasheville.com site afin que je puisse avoir un endroit juste pour annoncer mon service informatique'S dans la région et nous espérons ramasser quelques entreprises locales de cette façon. À ce stade, I will likely need to be using Adsense to get some paid visits to that site (since google hasn’t done a full index of THAT site yet either.)

It frustrates me in many ways because it seems quite arbitrary. I know of several other sites (that I’ve either worked on, or run) that are fully indexed to within the week JUST LIKE THIS ONE USED TO BE in googles index. (southcarolinagenealogy.org, onlineradiotv.com for instance.) They have much less content though and maybe that’s the thing, maybe the pace of change here is too quick for google to keep up with. It never seemed to be a problem with MSN or Yahoo’s search results and indexing though. Si, in a sense I’m throwing in the towel…. that’s not the way I want to see it though…. “temporarily pausing high maintenance of the site”.

Si, what does this mean?

This site will stay up indefinitely at this point and I will post to it from time to time. I will likely not do it with any regularity, or predictability. I will likely cover many things in a single post if I find them interesting enough to bother. I will try to continue to use this as my own knowledge base to have a single reference for many of the issues I’ve run across as I do service informatique.

I will not be doing much coverage on any and every tech story that crosses the news. I MIGHT spend some time on some more interesting items if I have time and am motivated to do some deeper analysis. I REALLY enjoyed the WMF exploit investigation last December.

Will this change? It might. If things change, tel que je reçois suffisamment de trafic pour justifier d'investir un peu de temps ici, Je pourrais revenir à un calendrier affichant lourd. Cela signifie que si 1) soit Googles indexation se redresse et le site est entièrement indexé ou 2) la majorité des chercheurs Web de commencer à utiliser un autre moteur de recherche. Je ne retiens pas mon souffle de chaque. Il a été 11 mois de bannissement pour un site et presque 9 mois de quasi-bannissement pour un autre site…en ce moment je suis contente de la laisser sommeillait un peu et voir si cela aide.

Aujourd'hui, Je initiés par quelques autres domaines à des pages individuelles pour essayer de m'assurer que je n'ai pas “duplicate content” pénalités. Mais… Je dois dire en fonction du seuil de ce que Google considère comme contenu dupliqué, le concept même de “Blog catégories” pourrait me pénaliser. I have come to a point though where I’ve done all I can, don’t really care to much to try to make it work as a supplement ot my income and must spend times on things that give a better ROI.

Thanks Google for making a few really nice things possible over the last year. I hope we can do it again sometime. I have a lot of site ideas of things that I want to do and I may get the time to work on them, yes they would likely include content that was hopefully advertising supported, but my optimism on advertising supported is much less now given the great reliance there is on stable indexing.

Is this sour grapes?

Peut-être, but I’m thoroughly frustrated when I know there are 300 articles from December and Google only indexes 20. I want content on my site to AT LEAST BE FINDABLE BY ME…. that’s why I’ve put it here in the first place. I’ve had to use MSN to accomplish that lately and I don’t know why my site seems to have a penalty, but it does and maybe someday that penalty will be lifted by Google, or maybe sometime Google will be less relevant. Jusque-là,, I don’t see it making sense to spend so much time on this site.

I may add to this post more if there is more to add/update. Another thing you may notice that I’ve started doing more of is updating individual posts instead of writing a new post and then backlinking to an old item that it updates. So on some issues you might find it useful to visit an old article, as I MAY have just updated it instead of posting new.

En tout, I hope that this site has been of use to you, I have given it far more time than it likely ought to have received but I hope you’ll continue to find useful things here. I guess you might say I’mgooglebummed”.

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