Exception OE Has Occured at 0028:C004EA3A in VxD VCACHE(01)

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Ugh…. you hate to see those exception OE messages. This particular one happened on an old Windows 98 machine. (Yes, I know, but they want to keep it in service if possible.) The full details are as follows An Exception OE has Occured at 0028:C004EA3A in VxD VCACHE(01) + 0000019A. … Was Called From 0028:C004BD2E […]

Microsoft Internet Explorer patches for unsupported OS versions (Windows 98 and ME)

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

For starters, if you’re using Windows 98 or ME still in a production system, you REALLY need to be looking at migration options and you should realize that the architecture of those systems is NOT conducive to a good secure platform. No XP isn’t perfect, but it is an improvement in many areas. That much […]

Windows 98 and WMF exploit posts

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Since there’s some interest…. here is a listing of all posts related to the WMF exploit and Windows 98 that have come out in the last week. http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/04/lack-of-working-exploit-does-not-mean-windows-98-is-safe/ http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/03/wmf-exploit-vs-windows-98-again/ http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/03/wmf-exploit-testing-on-windows-98/ http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/02/windows-98-and-the-wmf-exploit/ http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/01/version-2-of-the-wmv-exploit-vs-windows-98-se/ http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/01/more-wmf-exploit-testing-on-windows-98/ http://www.averyjparker.com/2006/01/01/wmf-exploit-and-windows-98/    Send article as PDF   

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