WMF exploit testing on Windows 98

I had hoped to get in another test of Windows 98 with yet another WMF viewer (tried Kodak imaging, and irfanview). So far I haven’t seen a way that the WMF exploits can work on Windows 98 SE. I’m running out of time before I have to run to some computer service appointments and maybe will be able to pick up again this afternoon/evening. Larry Seltzer had a post this morning that earlier versions of Windows might not be as vulnerable because they had no default WMF viewer, but with a default WMF viewer they may be susceptible. I’m still looking for a WMF viewer that makes the exploit possible on Windows 98 SE.

Again, I’ll leave this thread open to comments in case someone else finds a combination that is vulnerable. Previous posts on the issue with WMF and Windows 98 on my site are:


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3 Responses to “WMF exploit testing on Windows 98”

  1. caius Says:

    The following HTML snippet turns InternetExplorer 5.0 into a WMF viewer; doesn’t work with Mozilla. Only tested with valid WMF files;

  2. caius Says:

    [less than] img src=”file.wmf” alt=”not vulnerable” [greaterthan]

  3. Avery Says:

    I tested that possibility – it didn’t render, didn’t trigger the exploit. IE treated it like a broken image.

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