Dell Mini portátiles – Muy bonito

He visto estos mini ordenadores portátiles nuevos y se ven muy bien. Son aproximadamente del tamaño de un pequeño libro que hace bien para la portabilidad. Es agradable ver el factor de forma pequeño ordenador portátil haciendo una reaparición. Realmente espero que este ordenador portátil es de alrededor de permanecer por un tiempo. I have an old Sony Vaio which is not a bad size, but most laptops are just too big to be REALLY portable.

I think this size notebook is an improvement on the concept of the PDA because it gives you more options.

The problem I’ve had with PDA’s is tedious data entry, a tendency to take away buttons and make touchpad style sensors (which really makes using them as an audio player annoyingyou have to look at the device to skip a track, you have to look at the device to adjust volume, etc.

IF PDA’s are going to be that annoying to work with you may as well just have a miniature computer with a REAL keyboard. It would be nice to seem them add tablet/touchscreen capabilities though. That would be a good plus.

Most of these start around $400 de paso, which is not a bad pricepoint.

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