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Ştiu, aţi văzut anunţurile – face $6000 o săptămână în timpul liber!! A face bani a face lucrurile pe care le fac oricum, cum ar fi citirea e-mail, navigarea pe web. Ultima săptămână sau în aşa fel încât lucrurile au fost lente (punct de vedere tehnic şi am fost încă “în vacanţă” până la 03 ianuarie). I had plenty of time to test out a few of these ideas. It seems that entrepreneurial-ism is a progressive diseaseyou find yourself many times thinking, hmmmm…. it seems like there should be a way to make a small profit by….. Oricum, many of these ideas are MORE trouble than they’re worth. ADEVĂRAT. But one, that I signed up for just last night is actually looking very promising….….

In a way, this reminds me of the old math yarn of the clever prospective employee that asked to be hired on the condition that he work for a penny for the first day and each day there after his wage would double. The employer, thinking this was a great opportunity at cheap labor thought this should be a good deal, unfortunately the laws of mathematical progression catch up to the employer and 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,1.28,2.56, etc…. happenswell before long the young employee has a great wage per day.

Oricum…. what’s the idea with You get a free signup to look at ads for 30 secunde fiecare. In exchange your account is credited a penny…. Woohoo 1 cent… pentru 30 seconds of browser open looking at an ad. Bine, if that was all there was to it, this would not generate much income at all, as the day I signed up there were 17 ads available for me (premium $59/year members get a minimum of 20 ads at 1.25 cents each.) Sunt…. if you do the math at premium you would make around 7.5 dollars a month or a quarter a day…. again woohoo …. but here’s where things get interesting.

You get 1 cent (1.25 cents if you buy the premium membership) per each of your referrals as well. Sunt, if you refer 20 people and THEY each click 20 ads a day at 1.25 cents a click you’ll see (in addition to your own 20 clicuri…) $5.25 each day…. hmmm this is getting more interestingthat’s $157.50 pe lună.

Acum, to be honest your referrals won’t click 20 ads a day – Am folosit 5 as an average to do my estimates and judging from some of the success stories in their forum, that’s not FAR from the experience seen there, some higher and some lower of course, your mileage may vary.

What is REALLY interesting is that for about $1 per referral you can BUY referrals to add to your revenue stream. Sunt… pentru $35 you can have 35 referrals clicking ads for you. They may be active or not (if you pony up for a 500 referral package they say they guarantee that you’ll getactivereferrals.)

Acum… to be clear, you only get direct referrals… de exemplu, I signed up as a a referral of Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome, he doesn’t collect revenue from MY referrals, just from MY clicks. It seems that they’ve come up with quite an interesting paid advertising structure. They charge $19.10 pentru 1000 ad views (which means if ALL the viewers are referrals of someone they’ve lost 90 cents net, but if NONE of the ad viewers are referrals they’ve made $9.10 on the transaction.) Desigur, they’re OTHER revenue streams are the premium memberships, the paid referrals, şi, Sunt sigur, a certain amount of interest on the the money they’re holding for payouts. În fapt,, probably a healthy amount of interest.

Admittedly I’m still running the numbers over in my head, but I figure IF they’ve gotthe balancing act” de % of members that have been referred and haven’t been referred, incoming revenue streams from interest/advertising and yearly memberships…. they may have a REALLY good thing going here. I’m still somewhat skeptical, but you might say cautiously optimistic.

Last night after I signed up and read more and more I decided that I was willing to risk a $35 investment for 35 Recomandări, to my surprise I received an email at noon today notifying me that they were active (the web site advised it would be 2-5 working days.)

Payouts are available currently to paypal accounts, so you’ll need one of those before you sign up. And there’s no reason NOT to use someone elses referral link (like ) because if you aren’t referred by someone you might well besoldas a referral. It won’t take any cut out of your earnings.

It looks as though premium members should expect a 30 day waiting period on payouts and free members 60 day wait for payouts (business days) but I’ve seen reports of shorter payout times (and a few days longer as well, but most of those seem to be older forum posts.) De asemenea, the minimum $$ amount to request a payout is $10.

Sunt, how are the 35 referrals working out…? După 4 oră, my balance is no $3.02 Da, already a shade over 3 dollars on day one. I expect I will try to buy some more referrals before long as my confidence in them grows.

At one point in time I spent a lot of time working to get traffic for this site for google adsense and was pouring in EVERY spare minute trying to do that and had some good revenue for a few months before the site dropped in the google rankings (not OFF, just lower.) That provides a stream now, but usually less than a dollar a day on average. I’ve been an amazon associate for years and arguably could do more with that, but have never come close to making more than $10 every blue moon (one of the secrets with amazon though is to target BIG ticket items, I’ve usually just promoted books related to genealogy over on the genealogy sites and that doesn’t get you BIG earnings from amazon. Oricum…)

I’ve looked at MANY otherget paid to look at ads” “get paid to fill out surveysites and, so far beats EVERYTHING. I’m not getting a surge in junkmail (like SOME sites set you up for.) I don’t have to go and signup for ebay to get $5, or get into trial subscriptions to things that I have to cancel if I don’t like to make a few dollarsit really is the least hassle of ANY of theopportunitiesin this genre. I do wonder how long it will last, will advertisers really continue to pay $19.10 pentru 1000 views? Will they keep the balancing act correct and be able to keep going? Frankly NOTHING is a sure thing, but this is a promising venture.

Oh, one other note, they’ve announced that in the spring they’ll offer premium members a Visa Electron card as a payment option.

If you haven’t looked as of yet, vizita

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