CD-ul este mort….

Sunt tentat să spun “Trăiască CD…”, dar… CEO-ul EMI a declarat ca CD-ul este mort. El face să subliniez că nu ești de natură să dea matusa ta un iTunes descărcare, astfel “mort” înseamnă doar “în declin” în acest limbajul. Totuşi, I can’t help but laugh to myself of the notion that I release a cd through lulu of hymns and within the week the CD is declared dead. Nu, serios… I haven’t bought a cd in quite a while myself. Mainly because I don’t want to put up with all the DRM restrictions these days. I want to be able to have a simple cd that I can extract to another player IF I WANT. But I want the original CD as ahigh quality archived originalin comparison to the mp3 that might be lost when a flash drive or hard drive dies and isn’t quite as high quality.

That’s one reason why I wanted to just have aplain oldmusic cd with no restrictions. Dar, to finish up the thought I would say there are 2(sau 3) reasons that the CD is dead and for both of them you can say it’s because the record studios are killing it….. 1) TOO pricy for most big name artists 2) too much DRM crap 3)still stuck in an old mass-market distribution model in a niche market world.

Personal, I think the cd (or perhaps a DVD audio successor) will be around for a while IF THE INDUSTRY ALLOWS IT. Acum, Ştiu, some people are saying, why should I buy a whole cd for 16-17-18 dollars when I can get the 3 songs I like for $1.99 each and that’s a good argument, but I think it’s an argument that comes back to at least one point above *(too pricey….) the other point which I didn’t get to is that so many albums are not that impressive. You get 4-5 “mass markettunes that will be made singles and you get leftovers as the other tracks. Many times there isn’t a lot of consistency in style across a single album.

Oricum…. back to regularly scheduled more technical stuff.

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