How to Remove TrustSoldier | Trust Soldier Removal Guide

TrustSoldier is a rogue antivirus application that comes from the same family of rogue antivirus that includes: SafeFighter (Safefighter Removal), TrustCop (TrustCop Removal Guide), SecureWarrior (SecureWarrior Removal), SecurityFighter (SecurityFighter Removal), SecuritySoldier (SecuritySoldier Removal) and it also has gone under other names. (Realize most of these variations are just in the last 2 weeks!) The software pops up fake scans of your system scaring you into thinking that there are viruses or other security problems on your computer and if you pay them they will make the problems go away. Read on for how to remove trustsoldier:

First I would start by downloading and installing malwarebytes antimalware from the virus removal toolkit page. Then install, update and run a full scan. If this rogue prevents you from doing so you may try the following tricks to help: 1) reboot into safe mode and retry installing and scanning. 2) rename the mbam.exe installer program to something else (anythingelse.exe) then rerun and attempt to update and scan. 3) kill off any running processes using the task manager that may be related to TrustSoldier.

You may make use of the list of files below to know what may need to be terminated using the task manager. These files would need to be deleted if you have to proceed with a manual removal of trustsoldier:

%progfiles%\TrustSoldier Software
%progfiles%\TrustSoldier Software\TrustSoldier
%progfiles%\TrustSoldier Software\TrustSoldier\TrustSoldier.exe
%progfiles%\TrustSoldier Software\TrustSoldier\uninstall.exe
%docs%\All Users\Desktop\TrustSoldier.lnk
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustSoldier\1 TrustSoldier.lnk
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustSoldier
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustSoldier\2 Homepage.lnk
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TrustSoldier\3 Uninstall.lnk

After a manual removal of the above files you should still run a full scan of your system with a tool such as malwarebytes antimalware as well as a legitimate antivirus application. This should complete the removal of trustsoldier.

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