How to Remove TRE Antivirus | TRE Antivirus Removal Guide

TRE Antivirus is a new entry in the Wini Family of rogue antivirus software. This family includes SoftCop (SoftCop Removal), Softsoldier (How to remove SoftSoldier), ( TrustFighter TrustFighter Removal Guide, TrustSoldier removal guide and the following others… SafeFighter (Safefighter Removal), TrustCop (TrustCop Removal Guide), SecureWarrior (SecureWarrior Removal), SecurityFighter (SecurityFighter Removal), SecuritySoldier (SecuritySoldier Removal) and it also has gone under other names. This version however has a different user interface than the long list above. It still installs via sites that claim to be scanning your system for viruses (really just an animation), OR posing as a media codec update. All of it’s claims as to problems on your computer are still bogus and falsified and they still just want your money and not much else. Read on for how to remove TRE Antivirus (removal guide).

As with all of these I suggest downloading and installing malwarebytes antimalware. (You can find a link on my virus removal toolkit page.) After it’s installed, update and run a full scan removing any traces of the rogue. However, many rogues (this included) can make it difficult to install malwarebytes on a system. There are several workarounds that can be tried. 1) boot into safe mode, then try installing, updating and running a scan. 2) rename the malwarebytes installer (mbam.exe or mbam-setup.exe) to something else…. (myprogram.exe) and reattempt the install/update/scan. 3) Follow the next steps of manual removal and then follow up with the install and scan with malwarebytes.

The following running processes should be killed off using the task manager. If task manager is unavailable you may use process explorer (download link on the virus removal toolkit page.) or you may try copying and pasting taskmgr.exe (the executable for task manager) renaming it to something else. (harmless.exe) then run the renamed executable and use that to kill off the following processes:


After this you may be able to successfully get malwarebytes installed, updated an scanning since the running processes should be what are “policing” which software runs.

The following files and folders should be deleted for the manual removal of TRE antivirus:

%docs%\All Users\Desktop\TRE AntiVirus.lnk
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TRE AntiVirus
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TRE AntiVirus\1 TRE AntiVirus.lnk
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TRE AntiVirus\2 Homepage.lnk
%docs%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\TRE AntiVirus\3 Uninstall.lnk
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\always_delete.xml
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\always_skip.xml
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\main_config.xml
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\treav.exe
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\uninstall.exe
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\quarantine
%progfiles%\TRE AntiVirus Software\TRE AntiVirus\quarantine\quarantine.xml

After the above files are deleted you have completed a manual removal of TRE antivirus. However, I highly suggest that you continue with your “housecleaning” and install malwarebytes antimalware and a reputable antivirus program, update and run a full scan with each to make certain that you have completed your TRE antivirus removal.

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