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Total Security 2009 is also known as TotalSecurity 2009 or TotalSecurity2009. It is a newer version of the Total Security Antivirus which we highlighted just a week or so ago. It is a more troublesome variant of this rogue security software. In addition to the false warnings about problems on your system and the promise that it will fix them all if only you pay…. it randomly deletes files from your machine. Meaning that if you don’t remove Total Security 2009 it will eventually destroy your Windows installation requiring a reinstall. For that and other obvious reasons it’s important to rid yourself of this rogue as soon as possible.

I would first attempt to find out if it’s possible to remove total security 2009 from the control panel and then download malwarebytes antimalware from my virus removal toolkit page. Update and run malwarebytes and see if your able to remove it that way. If so, repeat running it until the system comes clean. Alternatively, you may try booting into safe mode and re-running malwareybutes antimalware.

For a more manual approach to total security 2009 removal, start by killing of the following processes using the task manager:


Be on the look out for some of the filenames above to change as it may randomize some or part of the names.

The following dll file should be removed and unregistered:


Now, you should delete the following files and their folders:

%Docs%\All Users\Application Data\10530004
%Docs%\All Users\Application Data\10530004\10530004
%Docs%\All Users\Application Data\10530004\10530004.exe
%Docs%\All Users\Application Data\10530004\pc10530004ins
%UserProf%\Start Menu\Programs\Total Security
%UserProf%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\TSC.lnk
%UserProf%\Start Menu\TSC
%UserProf%\Start Menu\TSC\Help.lnk
%UserProf%\Start Menu\TSC\Registration.lnk
%UserProf%\Start Menu\TSC\TSC.lnk
%UserProf%\Start Menu\Programs\Total Security\Total Security 2009.lnk
%UserProf%\Desktop\Total Security 2009.lnk
%ProgFiles%\Common Files\System\Uninstall
%ProgFiles%\Common Files\System\Uninstall\Uninstall TSC.lnk

Again, note that some of the above files could have different names depending on whether or not this bug randomizes the file names. After going through the manual removal of total security 2009 you probably should update and run malwarebytes antimalware to scan your hard drive for any remnants of this pest.

For successful manual removal you may need to boot into safe mode and if you find that task manager is disabled in order to kill of the processes listed above try using process explorer.

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