Task Manager Suspicious Processes after WMF exploit

After getting into Task Manager I saw a number of suspicious processes. There were a lot of things running as my user that I didn’t recognize. kernels64.exe, vxgame6.exe, vxgame4.exe, mm4.exe, vxh8jkdq2.exe, netsh.exe, cmd.exe, winstall.exe, vxgamet4.exe, vxgame2.exe covers most of the list of suspect entries. netsh and cmd are both legit programs, but were likely being used as remote shells. In other words they were legit, but not something that I expected to be running. (I didn’t have a cmd shell open..)

I managed to kill off the entries one by one and the system tray icons with the red circles and white x closed out one by one, the responsiveness was sluggish enough I couldn’t be sure which processes were the culprits, but the tray icons were warning that the system was infected (duh…) I did have a system freeze or two in the process and had to reboot. I did manage to disable a few items in msconfig first though.

I repeated the process of killing off running tasks and removing entries from msconfig about 2-3 times until I didn’t think I could make any more progress that way. Details on the msconfig changes next…

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