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Proof Defender is another rogue security application that acts and claims to be antispyware/antivirus, but in reality is nothing more than a scam to get your dollars for a program that raises red flags over imaginary viruses and claims to clean them. It’s related to the Perfect Defender 2009 family of rogue security software. This particular scanner is pushed through exploits via the web browser and popups that mimic the appearance that a scan is being performed. These popups then trick the user into believing a security issue exists on the PC and they should download and run the software to clean things up. (It claims it can only clean them up if you pay.) So, read on for instructions on how to remove proof defender.

This malware will put up popups claiming that the machine is infected all of which is false. It further claims to be able to fix them if you pay to register the software.

To remove proof defender I would start by downloading, running and updating malwarebytes antimalware (it can be found from my virus removal toolkit page.) If malwarebytes antimalware is not able to clean the infection out in a regular boot of Windows XP, you should try booting into Safe Mode and try again.

If you need to perform a manual removal, the following files are associated with Proof Defender and should be deleted to complete the Proof Defender Removal:

%Progfiles%\Proof Defender 2009
%Progfiles%\Proof Defender 2009\dbbase.div
%Progfiles%\Proof Defender 2009\pd.dll
%Progfiles%\Proof Defender 2009\pdfndr.exe
%Progfiles%\Proof Defender 2009\UnInstall.exe
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Proof Defender 2009
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Proof Defender 2009\Proof Defender 2009.lnk
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Proof Defender 2009\Uninstall Proof Defender 2009.lnk

As above, if needed boot into Safe mode to remove the following files you may need to terminate some of them via the task manager. After the manual removal I would use malwarebytes antimalware to clean up the remainder of the infection. (Make sure to update it first.)

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