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Personal Guard 2009 is another rogue antivirus application that is installed through sites that claim your pc is infected with various problems. These online “scans” will encourage you to download personal guard 2009 so that you can clean up your system. Then when Personal Guard 2009 runs it’s scan it will be able to “fix” things only when you pay for the program. Of course, all of the problems that it finds are fictitious. This program prompts fake security alerts in popups from the taskbar. SO, how do you remove personal guard 2009?

Well, first, here’s a rundown of more that you may see with Personal Guard 2009 on your system:

All protection modules are turned off. Your PC is currently exposed to viruses, adware and spyware. Turn all modules on to achieve best protection and safety.

These modules cannot be enabled without purchasing the software. To remove this software I would suggest downloading, updating and running Malwarebytes antimalware which can be found on my virus removal toolkit page.

If you remove things manually, you will need to delete the following files and folders;

%UserProf%\Desktop\Personal Guard 2009.lnk
%UserProf%\Start Menu\Programs\Personal Guard 2009
%UserProf%\Start Menu\Programs\Personal Guard 2009\Personal Guard 2009.lnk
%UserProf%\Start Menu\Programs\Personal Guard 2009\Uninstall.lnk
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\config.cnf
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\mainbase.adb
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\personalguard.exe
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\q.adb
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\queue.vdb
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\uninstall.exe
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\virusbase.adb
%ProgFiles%\Personal Guard 2009\quarantine

If you are having difficulty with a manual removal you may try one of two things before either running malwarebytes antimalware or deleting the files, try booting into safe mode for an alternative way to start cleaning things out. It also may be necessary to terminate or kill off any of the above processes that are running in the system making use of the task manager.

Even after performing a manual Personal Guard 2009 removal I suggest running (and updating) malwarebytes antimalware so that you can clean out any leftovers or registry entries. It’s also worth noting that a system with one pest like this may have other “friends” along as well.

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