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The Kindle is a wonderful portable reading device from I have one and enjoy it greatly, however I was looking for a case to get to carry it in. Why a case? I feel it’s a bit conspicuous without a case and perhaps a bit more tempting for someone to just “pick up” if it’s laying out. In a case it might look more like a dayplanner or non-electronic gadget. I was also a bit concerned about carrying it in the rain, or getting dust, debris and dirt on it while carrying it out and about.

For my own purposes I looked at all of the different kinds of cases available. There are some that the kindle docks into and will just stay in even while you’re reading it. Those will come with or without a light. I considered those briefly, but really didn’t want something that added bulk to the nice lean reader. I also was aware that there were some issues with the kindle battery being shorted out by the two pins that were used to anchor some of the cases.

A light, would be a nice plus, but I decided it wasn’t worth it to me at the expense of having a lighter e-reader. So, instead I started looking at just a simple carry case for my Kindle 3. If I need to, I can use a headlamp (we have several of those) and I’ve made use of those for years to read by. We also have a few booklights of different configurations that could work with it.

So, I finally settled on a Belkin case for my kindle. It’s called the Belkin Grip Kindle Sleeve and is available in Black, Blue and Red. It was just $24.99 which seems like a small investment for a cover for your kindle.

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