iPod nano sales “staggering”

Reuters has a story about how big the sales of the Apple iPod Nano such as the Apple 2 GB iPod Nano White, Apple 2 GB iPod Nano White, and Apple iPod Nano Armband Grey are exceeding expectations this holiday season. Amazon reported that the Apple 2 GB iPod Nano Black was the 6th biggest selling item in Electronic gadgets, while the White version above of the 2GB was 10th. There is, of course, also the Apple 4 GB iPod Nano White

These devices have meant a lot for Apple’s prospects recently. I don’t have an iPod myself, but have a compactflash-based audio player that’s fairly small and runs on conventional AA batteries. It seemed like a good choice for me (conventional batteries and better price, AND using compactflash cards which I have a good number of…) That much said, the size of this iPod nano makes it a very tempting gadget.

On Friday apparently some versions of the iPod sold out on the Amazon site. I would much rather do the shopping online (Friday after Thanksgiving or any other day for that matter.) The crowds at many stores are just not fun to navigate. From the article…

U.S. online holiday sales are expected to hit $20 billion this year and should take off on Monday, when consumers return to work and use fast Internet connections to buy gifts, according to comScore Networks.

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