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Yes, it’s another rogue antivirus package that causes all sorts of headaches, popups, false warnings and yes, you have to pay to solve the problems it claims to find. Essentially the software, when installed creates lot’s of files that on scanning your system it “discovers” and claims they are a threat. It seems like everyday there is another of these programs that is a rogue security or rogue antivirus and I guess the flavor of the day is SystemCop. I have seen reports that this rogue application is in the same family as BlockDefense, SaveDefense, Trust Ninja, WiniBlueSoft, WiniFighter.

So, how do you remove systemcop? First I would go to the virus and malware toolkit page and download malwarebytes antimalware, copy it to the affected machine.

You may (as with many of these rogue security applications) be able to install malwarebytes, update it and then scan. After scanning tell it to remove the files it finds. If that doesn’t work, you may reboot into safe mode and retry.

However, this program may make the system unstable and slow so you may want to just go ahead and use task manager to kill of the running processes for systemcop. So what running processes does System Cop use?


And if you want to get rid of systemcop manually you will want to delete the following files (and their folders).

%Progfiles%\SystemCop Software
%Progfiles%\SystemCop Software\SystemCop
%Progfiles%\SystemCop Software\SystemCop\license.txt
%Progfiles%\SystemCop Software\SystemCop\SystemCop.exe
%Progfiles%\SystemCop Software\SystemCop\uninstall.exe
%DocRoot%\All Users\Desktop\SystemCop.lnk
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SystemCop
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SystemCop\1 SystemCop.lnk
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SystemCop\2 Homepage.lnk
%DocRoot%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SystemCop\3 Uninstall.ln

There are registry entries associated with this program, but I would recommend running an application such as malwarebytes antimalware after the manual deletion of these files to ensure that all traces are removed. (I don’t recommend you diving into cleaning out the registry keys by hand.)

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