Here’s a bookmark for your NOC (Network Operations Center)… Talisker Computer Network Defense Operational Picture

Sometime during the winter, I recall President Bush visited the NSA headquarters if I’m not mistaken and there was some press footage of him shaking hands in a very important looking techy monitoring room. A network operations center of some sort. I think they called it the Threat Operations Center. There was one backdrop that was quite impressive and made the rounds in some of the photos of the visit. There was the ISC threat meter, dshield, a square showing updates of exploit tools and vulnerabilities, viruses, intrusion detection signature updates, etc… all packed into a nice size screen.

Well, google is your friend…. at the time I remember quoting snippets of text from the page and quickly found that it was the Talisker Computer Network Defence Operational Picture. It’s nice eye candy of course, and a lot of good information too. I think if I ever setup my own NOC, this is definitely going on one screen…

Here’s the description from their main page…

The Computer Network Defence Internet Operational Picture
was designed and built to cater for the demands of Government and Military networks requiring near real time information on new and emerging cyber threats. It’s public availability and lack of corporate identity has resulted in almost every industry, including home users, taking advantage of it either on an occasional basis or full time on plasma screens. The page auto updates every 20 minutes drawing information from multiple sources. Enjoy ! Click Here.

By the way, the main page is Of course, I had found a few other places where people had copied the structure of The Computer Network Defence Internet Operational Picture…….. in fact I see quite a few people have talked about it since the Presidential visit to the NSA. The page refreshes every 20 minutes and packs in quite a bit of good information on the state of the internet….

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