Juice – formerly ipodder podcast client for Linux (Windows and Mac too…)

I’ve been playing around a bit with podcast clients the last couple of days. I’ve been finding online news feeds for the onlineradiotv.com site and for many of those I have bash scripts to handle downloading or streaming the audio available from shortwave broadcasters. I did run across a few podcasts too though and thought it might be time to take another look at linux podcasting clients…

ipodder is the first (and only) one that I’ve tried before. It’s got a new name (juice), but is still a nice little gui program for downloading podcasts. You’re presented with several tabs *(downloads, subscriptions, podcast directory and cleanup.) It’s fairly straightforward to add a feed (or browse for one) and set up the schedular to download podcasts. The only problem I see is that it has to be running all the time. I was hoping to be able to just schedule a cron job to check for podcasts periodically.

That much said, ipodder is probably a great choice for the linux user that’s not comfortable mucking about with cron scheduling and the command line. It’s a nice interface as far as I’m concerned and get’s the job done. (I like the ability to browse the directory, it makes a good way to find new feeds.)

It is available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux… In looking, since the name change, the linux/freebsd version doesn’t seem to be available yet for download (version 2.2) I was using v. 2.1 which was packaged with Mandriva 2006

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