Scheduling tasks in linux kcron

I don’t know if kcron deserves a seperate entry for scheduling tasks under linux. Cron is what I typed on last time and it’s the daemon that controls scheduled tasks. The method for scheduling tasks that I went through last time is for the command line. Like many things in linux, there are other ways to get the job done. In this case, one way through the graphical interface is kcron…

KCron gives a nice interface to controlling your crontab (you can go back and forth between this and crontab -e from what I’ve seen.) Anyway, you have two categories tasks and variables. Cron jobs do not necessarily run with your environment variables (path for instance – which is why I suggested explicitly giving the path of the program you want to run), the kcron interface gives an easy way to edit those.

You can of course, use it to schedule a task as well…. (That’s why we’re here isn’t it?)

Edit, new… and you can give your new task a comment, put the path to the program or script you want to run and select through checkboxes what months, days, days of week, hours and minutes you want it to run. There is a button to set things to run every day which shortens the number of clicks. This is one tool that it might be nice to see a simple and advanced mode user interface-wise but it does the job and is less intimidating than vi…

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