Free personal firewalls for windows will be a bit scarcer

It’s too bad that Symantec will be killing off a free personal firewall. I guess they didn’t like supporting competition for their (large) Internet Security with included firewall… About three months ago, Symantec bought Sygate who made a Sygate Pro and Sygate free personal firewall. Both the Pro and the free version will get the ax from what it looks like…

Brian Krebs at the Security fix seems to think that Sygate was the best free personal firewall out their. Just a few months ago Kerio discontinued it’s free option, which leaves Zonealarm (which I’ve personally had frustrations with on some setups), tiny personal firewall, Jetico Personal Firewall and 8 signs (30 day free trial) – I couldn’t find a free to keep and use version on their site.. I haven’t had experience with any of these first hand (outside zonealarm), but I’ve used bcwipe from Jetico previously, so I’d be most likely to try that one first I think. Zonealarm, is one that’s hard to find the free version on their site (link above should take you there – it does today.)

It’s interesting, Brian at the SecurityFix mentions Avast, but I think they just have antivirus, haven’t found a firewall from them…

I don’t know of any open source firewalls for windows right off? Anyone?

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