How to Remove Control Center | Control Center Removal Guide

Control Center is a Rogue Security application that is designed to scare people into paying for it. It is a scam. All of it’s claims about compromised system security are falsified and it really doesn’t do anything outside of promote itself. It would be best if you were to avoid paying money for this scam and instead read on for a guide to how to remove control center.

First off, try using the control panel and go to add/remove programs and see if Control Center will uninstall this way. Even if it does you should download, install, update and run a scan with malwarebytes antimalware as well as a trusted antivirus application (fprot/avg/avira/trendmicro/etc.)

Download malwarebytes antimalware from my virus removal tool page. While you are there you may also wish to download process explorer. You may need it further along in the cleanup process. When malwarebytes is downloaded, install, update and run a full scan. If you are unable to install malwarebytes antimalware you may try the following. 1) rename the installer from mbam-setup to something else…. iexplore.exe 2) reboot into safe mode (with networking) and try again. (Using option 1 above if necessary). 3) continue to the next step of manual removal of Control Center and kill off the running processes associated with it and then retry your install of malwarebytes antimalware.

The following processes are associated with Control Center and should be killed off using the task manager. If you are unable to launch task manager you may try the following: 1) copy and paste taskmgr.exe to the desktop, then rename it (iexplore.exe) and retry launching this new file. 2) reboot into safe mode (use choice 1 above if necessary.) 3) Use process explorer (mentioned above) instead to kill off the following processes:


The following files and folders should be deleted to manually remove control center:

%userprof%\Application Data\CC
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\agent.exe
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\cc.exe
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\settings.ini
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\uninstall.exe
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\guide.html
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images\05.png
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images\06.png
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images\07.png
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images\08.png
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images\09.png
%userprof%\Application Data\CC\faq\images\10.png
%userprof%\Desktop\Control center.lnk

Even after a complete Control Center Removal I would still install malwarebytes antimalware, update and scan with that as well as a reputable antivirus…. (trendmicro, avg, fprot, etc.)

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