Facebook Chat Not Working | Voice Chat Coming to Facebook

It looks as though this evening facebook chat isn’t working. In fact FaceBook has confirmed all sorts of problems with it’s site and various applications. Chat apparently has been affected. Status updates for some people are disappearing and just general instability. (This may include not being able to log in to your account or errors accessing and viewing AND posting content.) In other words don’t expect things to “just work”. In other news…

It looks like facebook is getting ready to add voice chat.

The voice chat will use Vivox and requires a plugin to be downloaded. Vivox provides chat for many online games. The service is also slated to add voice chat to applications through the use of APIs that can help to integrate it.

It should provide for high quality voice chat and can include group chats as well as person to person chats. They will also allow non Facebook users to join a conversation using dial in numbers similar to the way some teleconferences work. It looks like this could have some interesting impacts of further biting away at traditional phone usage plus nibbling at skype.

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