Fun with Voice Recognition

Lately, I’ve tried to make use of my phone’s voice command system for calls. I’ve had a couple long drives and used a headset and tried to do something that works better without the headset…. “Name Dial”…. “please say the number” (sigh…) “1234567” “did you say 3225467?” “NO” “did you say 3225468?” “NO!” 5 miles later….. for the 5th time…. “Name dial”…. “please say the name” (finally…) It reminded me quite well of using what was a demonstration program from Microsoft that would type as you dictate. Ah, fabulous, science fiction meets reality. I tested and, it was, PAINFUL to use. “Now is the time…. no delete word no…. don’t type that.. no you stupid. NO stop. delete… not oh….” Well, it’s reassuring to see that Microsoft has problems with using Voice Dictation too. The video is hosted at Google videos and is a “demonstration” of voice recognition technology.

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