Google Talk update – Instant messenger service already live

I found a post at slashdot that Google Talk is already live. Earlier in the day there was talk (sorry…) that they were using Jabber. It looks like this person has found a way to login with his Gmail address and password and is (using a jabber compatible client) logged in to Google Talk.

It looks as though, according to the post, there have been some changes that altered the way the login worked from the original, but there are several people, judging from the comments, that have logged in per the instructions there.

It will be interesting to hear what other features there may be in whatever official announcement comes tomorrow. (Maybe their own client with voice integration?) There’s another idea that there will be targeted ads. Ads targeted to the discussion.

The download link is now available to download google’s IM (instant messenger) client

I found it listed in what’s new in gmail.

update – AM of 8/24 and googleblog has an entry announcing it.

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