I’ve got a home project to run more network cable here lately and found techtoolsupply to be an interesting resource for network and other cabling supplies. I don’t recall who I ordered from last time, it’s been several years (and those big spools of cable last for years unless you do a LOT of cabling.) On other notes…. There are many very good do it yourself wiring resources from electrical like this link to network wiring. Many people think that wireless means that it’s just backwards to install network cabling. (I don’t know how many people told me “why don’t you just use wireless” when I mentioned that when we built I wanted to get cat5 cable installed.) Well – here goes – wired is 1)faster and 2) more secure – yes I’ve heard of WPA for wireless, but my wired lan is between 10 and 100 times faster than my current wireless (yes, I’m running 802.11b still and an upgrade to the wireless wouldn’t get it up to the same speed yet either. then my wired network would be 2-20 times faster. (Of course that’s best case – clear line of sight to the wireless access point.)

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