Windows 98 and ME in final days of support (6 by my count)

July 11th will mark the end of Microsoft’s support for Windows 98 and ME. Which means that there will be no further security updates for those systems after that date. In SOME ways, those systems may find comfort in the security through obscurity approach as much malware MAY not run on those systems, but that’s kind of a risky angle to play. For those that are willing to experiment…

… you might try a version of Ubuntu (Xubuntu for older/low memory systems) Kubuntu has a desktop that might be a bit more comfortable for Windows users, Ubuntu with it’s Gnome desktop has received great reviews as well. The current release 6.06 LTS will have updates for a decent amount of time (3 years desktop, 5 server) and the discs are free to download or can be ordered (FOR FREE). (

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