A couple interesting online Advertising notes

I’ve run across a couple of interesting things. The first was linked to from the second one I’ll mention. I know, some time back, I visited a publicly available Google Adsense tool a few months back and at that time found an interesting tool that gave you keyword suggestions based on a term or keyword that you supplied. Interesting and very likely it gave results that you might not have thought of without the tool. However, I don’t recall being able to get quite as much information as it appears they give now…

So, in addition to the Traffic estimator that I saw mention of yesterday, the Adwords keyword tool gives a good deal of interesting information. Suggesting other variations on keywords, showing search volume, versus competitive ad volume. What I find even more interesting is that there’s a “site-related keywords” tab which you can use to analyze a page or a page+links from the page for what Google sees as the important keywords.

Many times, I’ve wondered how Google sees a page. Which keywords jump out at google as being relevant and while I suspect this may not be IDENTICAL to the way the main google crawler sees the page (it would take incoming links into account as well as who know what else?)… Anyway, short of counting which words appear the most on the page and doing more of a basic word count analysis. I didn’t know of a good way previously to see how Google sees a page.

Like I say, I’ve been interested in trying out Adwords, specifically targetting a specific area and getting a bit more information (a better peak behind the curtain…) I think is making me more likely to give it a test run.

The other link is a Keyword research tool from SEO Book… It uses the Overture keyword suggestion tool as it’s backend, gives links to various advertising networks, estimated search volume at the big three google, msn, yahoo and links to overture price estimates. It looks like a great “all in one” tool for anyone interested in seeing what keywords are more competitive, have more volume and basic ballpark price estimate. Very interesting for anyone considering using pay per click ads.

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