WordPress plugin stattraq speedup

I’ve made mention I think that I use the stattraq plugin for wordpress as one of the ways to see where traffic is coming from on the site, etc. etc. etc. I think I mentioned it as one of my stat tracking tools about the time Google Analytics limped out of the gate… Anyway.. one of the things that had bugged me about it for some time was that it was SOOOOO slow to pull up any information (maybe a minute to pull in the page?) I had noticed a performance tip from the author…

Now the stattraq page pulls up in 3 seconds or so. Basically it’s pretty easy to do. You do have to load up phpmyadmin for it though….

“If you’ve got access to PhpMyAdmin for MySQL you can add indexes into the table. For some reason I never did this and it really slows the StatTraq report queries down. If you add them to the ‘access_time’ and ‘article_id’ columns StatTraq will respond much more quickly. This change will be in future versions of StatTraq.”

So, phpmyadmin…. select database, select wp_stattraq (or whateveryourprefixis_stattraq ) You will see a listing of all of the fields ” Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action” is likely what you’ll see across the top. Underneath the Extra Action column there are a number of small icons.

First make sure you’re in the right column for either access_time, or article_id, Look for an icon that has a lightning bolt running across it (underneath extra action), hover your mouse and it should say “index”.

Click on that and all should work. It may take as long as 30 seconds or so, or as little as 1 second (depends on the database size, a bigger database means longer wait before the page refreshes.) Once the index is built for BOTH access_time and article_id fields you should see much quicker response from stattraq. (My last check took 1.239 seconds to pull… NICE)

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