Possible network printing problems with the unofficial WMF patch

The Sunbelt Blog has picked up on a report of some network printing problems with the unofficial WMF exploit patch installed. The first report was on the fulldisclosure list. It is recommended that the patch be tested before rolling out. The variation of software configurations varies by environment…

The report of printing problem:

Today I received information from one corporative user that installation of unofficial WMF patch (wmffix_hexblog13.exe) on Windows XP workstation causes to him network printing problems. The problem was solved via System Restore.

The experiment was repeated and the result was identical. After installing the patch at the attempt of printing documents either the error message ?printer error? was shown or nothing happened at all. Workstation had one printer Samsung ML-1210 installed. Has anybody encountered something alike?

I think if it were me, I’d find a workaround for the network printing and leave the patch if possible, of course, that may not be an appropriate for everyone.

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