The 2nd journey begins… Mandriva 2006 upgrade 2 – Part 3

Mirrors are added, now it’s time to start the process. OK, everything up until now has been preparatory and hasn’t REALLY upgraded anything. I’ve skimmed over the errata and release notes (again) at to make sure there isn’t anything hardware specific or urpmi –auto-select from Mandrake 10.1 specific that I need to be aware of.

Okay – urpmi –auto-select –auto is churning away happily and things seem to be going well here. I’m checking mail via IMAP here on the laptop (which has me thinking of just moving to IMAP permanently…)

One of the things I’ve run into in the past with a URPMI upgrade. IF the gui is running and the screensaver (with lock) kicks in… that could be bad. I remember one in particular that wouldn’t unlock while it was in the midst of several package updates… wierd but it happened. Also, if the updater “bombs out” unable to upgrade a specific component, I’ve found the best way around it is to urpme (uninstall) the installed component and urpmi (install) the one that couldn’t upgrade over the original.

I remember that once before I had to uninstall kde in order to upgrade to a new version. It happens, it works and it’s a world better than trying to deal with dependencies manually through RPM -uvh …

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