The letters keep coming…

I really don’t know how a SMALL operation can do any kind of software scanning with all the…. legal challenges to have to answer to. Of course, I suppose some don’t, they just cave and their scanners suffer in effectiveness. Anyway, Sunbelt Software blogs about ANOTHER cease and desist letter they’ve received from the makers of CasinoontheNet, Cassava. I still think there should be class action suits against spyware/malware/difficult to remove-ware/makers that use deceptive practices to get their software installed/make it a nightmare for an end-user to remove and generally wind up COSTING end-users money having their pc’s cleaned.

Maybe, just maybe that would keep their lawyers busy defending them against lawsuits instead of “going after the good guys.” Sorry, it just ticks me off to see people that are doing the right thing by designing software to remove malware or any other grey-area unwanted software from their own computers get piled on by people that make pestware of any kind.

Next we’ll hear of spammers suing antivirus companies for removing their open mail relays that people have “consented to installing” on their home pcs, which is their only source if income. They could argue that people agree to install the “software” on peoples computers by clicking on email attachments. They must want it, after all doesn’t everyone know that clicking on attachments could lead to a computer virus infection? Viruses are merely victims of bad press you know…. Sorry, I don’t have a good eye-rolling icon…..

Fortunately, it looks like Sunbelt has lawyers to answer back on all of the “fan mail” they get like this.

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