Warner Bros and 180solutions….

I think somewhere along the line, Warner Bros missed the memo that 180solutions is not a brand that many people would jump to associate with. Apparently 180Solutions has started making two Warner Bros shows (a soap opera and animated series) available for download on some of their sites including zango. Of course, the episodes come with bundled adware downloads which, I’m sure, “enhance your web browsing experience” by popping up relevant ad windows on your desktop.

It makes me think this deal worked from the top down rather than the bottom up, and that those at the top at Warner Bros certainly have never spent time trying to remove one of 180solutions “experience enhancing” products off of someones computer. And as for 180solutions reputation… this can give a thumbnail sketch…

180solutions is no stranger to “deception”, however, having had a complaint filed against them less than four months ago by the CDT (Center for Democracy & Technology) for deceptive and unethical business practices, among other things

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