64 bit chips will soon be required for Microsoft Software

CNet is reporting that Microsoft will require 64bit processor for upcoming server applications and Operating Systems. Amonge these, Exchange 12, Longhorn Server R2 and a small business version of Longhorn Server will ONLY be available for x86 64-bit processors. (Longhorn Server R2 is expected ~2009, although Exchange 12 is expected late next year (late 2006).

I’m sure there will be a point when software writers say “no one has an old 32-bit processor anymore” and this doesn’t appear to be aimed at desktop pcs, yet, but they’ll certainly ensure widespread adoption of 64-bit by cutting of support.

It’s interesting, I’ve suspected my next desktop will be 64-bit. Of course, I run linux and 64-bit versions have been more easily/widely available for some time. I haven’t seen statistics before, but wonder how widespread 64-bit adoption already is? Is it primarily being adopted for servers, desktops, windows, linux???

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