How to create a redirect page, or creating a redirect page has been updated

Just a note to mention that I’ve updated a page that I published a good while back. It’s kind of a funny story. I skimmed through the logs and saw that someone got here on a search for how to create redirect pages, and had forgotten about the post, I looked to see what it was. I was redirected in about 5 seconds to a google search. (Firefox uses text in the address bar to the default search provider….) Ummmm… ok something’s not right, so…

I try to edit it (same problem…), so I fire up konqueror and disable the feature to obey automatic redirects (good thing that features there….) And take a look, it appears that the text I had put into the post wasn’t done in a way that would be “invisible” to the browser, even though the redirect command was in a weird part of the page, the browser still obeyed.

Anyway, I replaced the left and right tags with < and > (&lt; and &gt;) Kind of a funny paradox I was in, even in writing this to describe what I used to fix it. (ampersand substitution, on THIS page to display correctly the fix, I had to use &amp;lt; and &amp;gt;)

Anyway…. I thought it was funny, apparently I hadn’t revisited the page since I wrote it way back when….

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