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Since the massive id theft ring was uncovered, I’ve been reading the Sunbeltblog frequently. Today, they have an interesting post about the various explanations for spyware on peoples computers. They tag it the “other person syndrome”. I’ve heard this before too. “Well, the neighbors kids were over and ever since then we’ve had all sorts of problems.”, “My son was up from college and since then I just haven’t been able to…”, etc. etc. etc.

They emphasize that this is all anecdotal evidence (experiential, not a broad sampling to determine the real state of things.) I have often wondered if it’s a convenient cover in some cases. But, they do mention a good point. If you have someone visiting and using your computer setup a restricted account to allow them access. That way the worst you’ll have to do (in theory) is to wipe out the restricted user account and create another one next time.

I do wonder though how their computers are?

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