More on the virus/trojan front

I have a couple new things to post. One, in my futher investigation of the server logs, from the last big topic…. (read the entries below.) I’ve discovered at least one MAC, so this should be a warning that no one should take system security for granted. Likely someone has installed a rootkit of some sort on that machine, as I know of no virus or trojan that is cross-platform in it’s ability to be a spam helper.

I’ve also come across an article today that seems to back up what I’ve seen not only in very recent experience, but going back some time now…. most spam comes from broadband connected machines. (Private end-users mostly) And it’s due to Viral/trojan infection.
Article from The Register in the UK

Bottom line…. become familiar with what’s running on your system and be suspicious of things that you are not familiar with. (Identify any services that are running and if you can’t identify one, be very suspicious.)

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