Phantastic site for Phishing research….

By way of Sunbelt blog… The Phishtank at Internet Defence has a realtime archive of phishing emails as well as real time information on the status of their host sites. On their phishing site monitor it says…

The following table shows, in real time, the status of the currently monitored phishing sites.
When a new phishing URL is detected, it is added to the list to be monitored. The site is removed from the monitor list once a period of inactivity has occured. Hopefully, this means that the site has been taken down.

–update 10/5/06–

There’s an update on this one…. there is a NEW phishtank out there run by OpenDNS which runs on a similar concept, submit phishy sites and users vote either phish or not. Another good resource for submitting those suspect sites.

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