Developers meet Marketing – Marketing developers….

Sometimes you just want to cry… I found this email exchange via sunbeltblog…. Essentially, the product manager and marketing director at some unknown company have just become aware that the “About” box in their program ACTUALLY SHOWS the product version and BUILD number. They think that’s just too much information to give to the customer and may give the wrong impression (that they didn’t get it right the first time.) Of course, the developer thinks it’s slightly important to have the version and build number there. (How else could you support unless you have a tracking number?)

Probably the saddest quote of all is this….

“We can’t be at all accessible to the client, we’ll just have to find another way.

The reason is simple: when they see “Version 2.8 (build 448),” they
will think that it took us 28 releases and over *four hundred* builds
to get right.”

(sigh….) Pay not attention to the magic man behind the curtain. Our super-coder one night had a vision of how to create this software and it became perfect in one try. Now that perfection in software has been realized there will be no future releases.

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