On the fence

I’ve got a lot of posts related to shortwave radio and radio broadcasts online (and tv broadcasts online.) Which got me to thinking how I wanted to organize the information. There’s a part of me that wants to just work it into the existing structure of this site, however…. I guess my organizational side says I’ve got enough that I’d like to do that I should probably not clutter up the “computer specific” site with those posts. (Much as I don’t clutter the computer site with my North Carolina Genealogy, or South Carolina Genealogy information/posts/etc.)

The only disadvantage is setting up yet another site and necessary domain name…. Advantage’s would be a chance to test drive WordPress 2.0 on a less than critical site. It seems that out of most of the “hobby” posts that I’ve got here currently… the most common theme is probably either shortwave radio or games…

Obviously there are some areas where the two subjects of shortwave listening and computers intersect… I suspect I’ll either deal with that by crossposting to both sites, or crosslinking. I guess I’m wondering if I’ve got enough information to actually sustain a site. I suspect that after an initial “fleshing out” posts may be few and far between, but I’m not certain.

I’m still not yet 100% sure how I want to approach organizing the information…. but wanted to give a heads up as to what may be coming.

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