Kontact/ korganizer “unable to save event”

OK – so as I have mentioned after upgrading to Mandriva 2006 I was looking at the possibility of moving from Evolution to Kontact as the main mail client. I moved contacts and got things massaged quite well. One of the neat features in Kontact is the ability to have multiple address-books/resource names. Anyway, I moved on to calendar items which given that some of what I do is recurring appointments is fairly easy to reconstruct if necessary. Anyway, I got those copied over and thought I’d take advantage of being able to use different calendar files to organize different things. For instance I thought – why don’t I do a seperate file for Holidays…

That way, maybe sometime I could export it to the “Hot new stuff” download service that kontact has (looks like there isn’t anything “new” in that list…) Anyway. In kontact, I was in calendar and clicked to add a new resource, made a file called holiday with the Add calendar tool. Named it holiday and started to add the first one…. on applying my changes to the event I get a popup that says sorry “Unable to save event” and then the name of the event. (I did get a choice of saving it to the the main calendar or holiday.) I tried again, same thing. So, I tried saving to the main calendar – that worked. Hmmmm

I looked to see if Kontact had made the file – indeed it had. (ical format holiday.ics) – the permissions were -rw-rw-r– which contrasted with the (working) calender which was -rw-r–r– but that wouldn’t seem to be a problem. I tried making a calendar in a directory – same problem. I tried several ways of testing within the program and it didn’t seem to get anywhere.

Then I thought – what if I create something that looks like an empty ical file – copied header and footer from a working ical file and tried “add”ing the way the others had done… no luck – still “unable to save event” Then I gave a try to IMPORTING it….File, import, import calendar…. did that and I was able to save…

So, next I experimented with “touch newcal.ics” and then going through the ADD calendar option (not import)… so now with this EMPTY file already existing, I’m able to add AND save an event into it. So what’s the difference? When I “touch” a file the permissions are -rw-r–r– and when korganizer/kontact creates a new calendar file the permissions are -rw-rw-r– Strangely now it doesn’t seem to make a difference HOW I create the file, adding through the dialog seems to give good results. It seems to be an elusive bug. Strange.

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